Bible Church

Spiritual Gifts Survey Questionnaire

Beside each statement, indicate the degree to which it describes you by using the following numerical scores.

"This statement describes me..."
0 = not at all or just a little 2 = more than a little
4 = pretty well 6 = very well! This is me!!

Hints: Try to use the 0 and 6 as much as possible. ALSO, remember that even though you want to consider yourself extra spiritual, IT IS OK to use the 0 or 2 on a given question if it doesn’t represent a STRONG sentiment to you. For example, most Christians know they should share the gospel, but those without the GIFT of evangelism will probably find that they are not as excited about it as is conveyed in the statement, "I seek out unbelievers in a continual manner..." Be honest! Be you!

I often exercise my trust in God through prayer, and He answers my prayers in exciting ways.
I consider all that I own or am as resources for God's purposes and use.
I feel for disadvantaged people and desire to assist them, even though those whom I have helped may do little, if anything, in response to my help.
I am quick to respond to others' needs for physical help.
It is difficult for me to say, "No" when asked to help carry out various church activities.
I like to help Christians who have wandered away from the Lord to find their way back to a growing relationship with Him, regardless of who they may be or the time it may take.
I can readily prioritize and arrange ideas, things, time, and/or people for more effective results.
I don't mind asking others to work with me and accomplish something important.
I can often notice and point out that something seems to be evil or impure before others do.
I can easily recognize or recall Biblical truths and principles on my own and I enjoy this.
I find I am able to distinguish solutions in complex spiritual matters that other people can't seem to figure out.
I find it easy and enjoyable to present information and skills to others at a level that helps them to grasp and apply it.
I love speaking positive words to those who seem unsure of themselves or their place in life.
I can easily communicate the gospel to others with clarity and effectiveness.
When I sense God's blessing on an undertaking, I can move forward in spite of opposition or lack of support.
My financial and material support makes a real difference in the lives and ministries of God's people.
I'm very concerned about how a person feels.
I always want to stop when someone is stranded by the road.
I can easily get talked into doing things at church that I may not really want to.
I consider it a priority to be involved in the over-all ministry of the church to its people.
I can identify and effectively use the resources needed to accomplish most tasks.
I enjoy having the ability to guide a committee or group in making decisions together.
I have been able to accurately differentiate between demonic influence and mental illness.
I readily distinguish and remember important Biblical truths and facts that will inform myself and others as members of the Body of Christ.
I apply truth to my life effectively on a day-to-day basis, no matter what may arise.
I long to share with others the Biblical insights I discover.
Though I prefer to be positive, I'm willing to "confront" those who are spiritually apathetic or wayward, especially when my words might "snap them out of it" and get them back on the right track.
I like to convey the Gospel of salvation to unbelievers and persuade them to respond.
I have confidence in God's continuing provision and help, even in difficult times.
I believe I have been given my resources so that I may give more to the Lord's work.
I empathize with hurting people and desire to see them helped and healed.
I am usually involved in a variety of activities that help out other people.
I really like to do the little things that few others want to do like cleaning, ushering, cooking for groups, etc.
I can faithfully provide guidance for the whole person (relationally, emotionally, spiritually, etc.) and can do so without preferring one person over another.
I easily see the "big picture" of what needs to be done and can readily devise ways to get there.
I find it easy to motivate others to follow through on a ministry project (whether or not I developed the project).
I'm able to effectively distinguish spiritual truth from error, good from evil, even "good from best."
I am often approached by people who want to know what I know about a particular passage or Biblical truth.
I give practical and/or scriptural advice to help others through complicated situations (or sometimes even everyday circumstances).
I believe that the teaching-learning process is vital to local church growth.
I like motivating others to take steps for spiritual growth and/or personal progress.
Leading people to Christ is so exciting to me.
I am very sure that the things I do in God's name will achieve great things for His glory.
I enjoy supporting missions and other Christian organizations.
When I hear of people without jobs who can't pay their bills, I really want (& try) to assist them even when I can do nothing financially.
I find myself already helping people while others are still talking about it.
I like to try to assist the pastors or other leaders so they will have more time to accomplish their essential and priority ministries.
I enjoy giving guidance and practical support to a group of people over a period of time.
In my mind's eye, I can picture and plan a coming event, anticipate potential problems, and develop backup plans.
I naturally seem to take charge when no one else does.
I am a good evaluator of people's character and spiritual motivations
Often, because of what I know and remember about the Bible, I tend to question the knowledge and/or facts of those who teach, advise, or direct me.
I can effectively solve problems using Biblical principles and common sense.
Others listen and enjoy my explanations of the Scriptures.
I feel a need to challenge others to better themselves (especially in their spiritual growth), and I will do whatever it takes (even get a little "in their face") to do so.
I enjoy meeting unbelievers and sharing with them the joy and peace which Jesus' love has given me.
I depend upon God's provision to an extent that is considered unusual by my friends.
I don't like giving "cheap" gifts.
I enjoy ministering to and comforting people in hospitals, prisons, or rest homes.
I like to meet the physical needs of others immediately.
I prefer to do jobs myself rather than to delegate.
When it comes to leading people, I am more relationship oriented than task oriented.
I am careful, thorough, and skilled at dealing with details.
I find that I can communicate goals in a way that others want to work with me to fulfill them.
I find I am able to sense (particularly "questionable" but also positive) aspects of a person's character based upon my first impressions (which I later find to be true).
I'm generally effective at gathering and retaining information from several sources to discover the answer to a question, or learn more about a subject.
I am often sought out by others for advice about perplexing spiritual or personal matters.
I enjoy explaining things to people so that they can grow spiritually and personally.
I tend to emphasize the potential in people.
I am effective at adapting the gospel message so that it connects with an individual's felt need.